efficient management and coordination of Virginia's Medicaid system

Improving Mental Health Care.

Improving Our Communities.

Transformation of Virginia's Behavioral Health Delivery System 

implementation of strategies to address Virginia's shortage of qualified behavioral health professionals

The VACBP's complete 2019 priorities are available here.

Policy Update

The following outlines the VACBP's policy priorities for 2019:

·       Development of a more comprehensive, integrated health system that includes behavioral health.
·       Adoption of measurable, data-driven, outcome-based models by all providers to ensure appropriate, cost-effective care. 
·       Development of a unified assessment rate for community-based services.
·       Increased investment in early intervention and prevention services.
·       Reconsideration of eligibility and continuity of care criteria for MHSS.

·       Continued improvements in the education of those who coordinate care for the payers of Virginia’s Medicaid services.

·       Establishment of operational standards for all payers to improve the efficiency of our behavioral health delivery system and reduce administrative burdens on providers.
·       Continued improvements in regulatory processes and communications with regulators.
·       Increased coordination among agencies related to behavioral health service delivery and social service programs.

·       Increased flexibility to allow cross-supervision between counselors and social workers.
·       Allowance for appropriate levels of experience and/or supervision that is gained in other states to satisfy requirements within Virginia.
·       Improved communications with institutions of higher learning so they better understand the requirements to work in the behavioral health industry in Virginia and can appropriately align curriculum to better prepare their graduates for the workforce.
·       A comprehensive evaluation of the qualifications required to perform each community-based Medicaid service to re-assess what specific skills, competencies and education level would best prepare an individual to provide each specific type of behavioral health support.
·       Exploration of partnership opportunities between industry and the Virginia community college system to develop training and/or certification programs for individuals interested in careers in behavioral health.
·       Development of state-supported low-interest loan and scholarship programs for individuals working to become behavioral health professionals in Virginia.​