AGENDA RELEASED:The agenda has been released for the VACBP's Richmond Conference and Legislative Reception, which will take place on January 30, 2019, in Richmond. For more information, click here.

Private provider prospective heard on proposed CMHRS changes – In response to DMAS’s request for early input, the VACBP provided comments this month on behalf of our members on the proposed changes to the regulations that govern community-based behavioral health services – the Community Mental Health Rehabilitative Services (CMHRS) Provider Manual. This is part of a planned periodic update of the regulations. The VACBP’s recommendations are here for your information. 

Challenges related to TDT services resolved with VACBP engagement – The VACBP helped to address two significant issues that arose related to Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) this month on behalf of our members who provide TDT.

Earlier this month, our members made us aware of an interpretation of CMS guidelines for TDT that would have provided specific requirements regarding the counseling portion of the TDT service, which must be provided by a licensed professional, while other TDT services components may be provided by a QMHP. The VACBP worked with DMAS and DBHDS to forge an agreement that the frequency of the counseling component of TDT can be determined by the provider through an ISP, rather than having this be the same for all clients receiving TDT.  This agreement provides the flexibility to ensure that appropriate care by appropriately qualified professionals can be provided to meet each client’s individual needs.

In addition, with the conclusion of the school year earlier this month, an issue arose regarding the transition of TDT clients from school-based care to non-school-based summer programs, which require two separate provider licenses. Working with DBHDS, the VACBP was able to assure that a new assessment with the transition from school-based care to a non-school-based summer program would not be required so long as updates are made to the existing assessment for each client. This was very important to streamline the transition process, make it easier for parents to navigate and ensure the child receives seamless care and support.

DMAS steps up to help address CCC Plus MCO payment problems – As a follow up to the initiative created by the VACBP to help members address issues with the MCOs in the CCC Plus program, DMAS announced its own payment form providers can use when reimbursement is more than 14 days late and where you are unable to make progress working directly with the MCO (see attached). This form should be sent to  The VACBP is encouraged by this step by DMAS to recognize and support providers who are struggling with payment issues with MCOs.

For additional information and contacts that may be helpful in addressing challenges with CCC Plus and the MCOs, please see below. 

CCC Plus Information:
CMHRS in the CCC Plus Program Information

VACBP Spring Conference Exceeds All Expectations:More than 130 attendees participated in valuable discussion and information-sharing focused on: Thriving in Virginia's Behavioral Health Services System. For details, go to: MEETINGS & EVENTS.

VACBP Launches Preferred Vendor Program: The VACBP is very pleased to offer its Preferred Vendor Member Benefit Program. This program provides added value to VACBP members through exclusive preferred relationships with product and service vendors through cost-savings, exemplary service and quality vendor business relationships. The program also provides business opportunities for those high quality vendors that provide products and services to behavioral health providers in Virginia. For more information or click here to apply to be a preferred vendor.


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