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EHS Support Services

​Family Insight

Pathway Homes


​Health Care Services of Hampton Roads, Inc.


1Life1Love, Inc.(26-50 employees)
Accent Group and Family Services(26-50 employees)

Agape Counseling and Therapeutic Services, Inc. (101-250 employees)

Braley & Thompson, Inc. (2-10 employees)

ChildSavers (26-50 employees)
Community Residences
(11-25 employees)

Compasion (51-100 employees)

Comprehensive Counseling Solutions of Virginia(11-25 employees) 

Crescent Counseling & Casework Services (26-50 employees)

Crossroads Counseling Center, Inc. (101-250 employees)

Dominion Youth Services (<501 employees)

ehs (embrace healthy solutions)(51-100 employees) 

Family and Adolescent Services (11-25 employees)

Family and Child Empowerment Services, Inc. (2-10 employees)

Family Insight, PC(101-250 employees)

Fellowship Health Resources(26-50 employees)

Guiding Lights LLC (11-25 employees)

Hall Community Services, Inc. (26-50 employees)

Health Care Services of Hampton Roads (11-25 employees)

Infinity Counseling Group(26-50 employees)

Innovative Family Services (2-10 employees)

Intercept Youth Services (<501 employees)

LIFE Youth & Adult Services (26-50 employees)

Multicultural Clinical Center (11-26 employees)

National Counseling Group (<501 employees)

New Hope Support Services, LLC (51-100 employees)

Pathway Homes, Inc. (51-100 employees)

PRS, Inc. (51-100 employees)

River City Comprehensive Counseling Services (51-100 employees)

​Strategic Therapy Associates(51-100 employees)

Support Systems, Inc. (51-100 employees)

The Barry Robinson Center (101-250 employees)

Therapeutic Alliance (51-100 employees)

Therapeutic Interventions (2-10 employees)

Therapeutic Intervention Services, Inc. (26-50 employees)

True Life Destinations(11-25 employees)

Virginia Support Services (51-100 employees)

WHOA Behavioral Health (11-25 employees)

Winchester Community Mental Health Center, Inc. (2-10 employees)

​The Hanover Insurance Group

​Winters-Oliver Insurance Agency

VACBP also has individual members in addition to the provider members listed above. 

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The Virginia Association of Community-Based Providers (VACBP) is comprised of private-sector community-based mental health and substance abuse treatment providers across the Commonwealth. Private-sector providers generate significant tax revenue for the Commonwealth and employ thousands of Virginians.

Improving Mental Health Care.

Improving Our Communities.